Flexible SaaS credit platform

  • manages credit limits and account balances
  • authorises spend in real time
  • disburses loans and collects savings
  • calculates accrued interest and fees
  • provides statement data
  • triggers repayments & updates funds received
  • reports and updates general ledgers

Key platform features


for simple integration and flexibility to support future features


linking account behaviour to events, transactions, limits, etc.


full control of features; multiple APR rates, fees, rewards, billing cycles, repayment plans, etc.


to fast track integration and test products before launch


with AWS, but banks can deploy to their own cloud provider

How do we integrate?

CRM and workflow systems call BOX restful APIs to manage accounts, for example:

  • create customer records and accounts
  • get account balances and statements
  • get transaction records

BOX generates data for General Ledger system:

  • providing file extracts for import to GL
  • making API calls to update GL in real-time

Third party card processors provide the connection to Visa and Mastercard and manage the card lifecycle.

  • BOX stores record of card tokens, linked to account ledgers
  • BOX provides real-time authorisation for financial transactions based on account balance and rules

Third party payment processors provide the connection to payment network for direct debit, faster payments, ACH, etc.

  • BOX initiates request for payment
  • BOX receives updates on payments completed

We work with a growing number of partners